Don’t allow yourselves to be misused by politicians – Rockstone

Hip Life grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has urged the youth to guard against being used by politicians for the parochial gains.

According to him, the youth should put their energies to good use and resort to criminal activities that will ultimately ruin their lives.

There is a growing concern over the continues use of youth by politicians often to foment political violence in the name of party vigilante.

Reggie Rockstone who’s a member of the VVIP music group in an interview on Di Wo Lane Mu show on Kasapa FM admonished the youth to ensure they make life better for themselves by working hard towards building a good future, as politicans only seek their own interest first.

“The youth who follow politicians and allow themselves to be used for criminal activities should rethink and rather put their energies to good use. The politicians have their children schooling abroad when there’s any disturbance in the country. The youth must think of themselves and think constructively about the welfare of Ghana. So if you’re a youth and being used by a politician think twice.”

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