Don’t masturbate on the revered ABK Amidu: Wise words to Daboussi

Daboussi!! Good old bald Daboussi!!

Once again, today I read with utter bewilderment – an untidy, incoherent, illogical and totally dumb write up Fadi Daboussi on the raging storm generated around the PDS scandal, which has so badly blighted the image of his government. Perhaps in a weak attempt at militant PR to be rewarded by his paymasters, this clown tried to soil and stain the image and integrity of perhaps Ghana’s anti-corruption bulwark – the respected Martin ABK Amidu.


This crap of an article he penned down is titled “Letter to Martin Amidu: The Manipulation of Jospong at PDS and the pilferage of the saboteurs”. That headline itself, Fadi, exposes you as a witless fellow, who will do yourself a great deal of good by staying in the shadows and avoiding the temptation of publicly wading into matters which your head, though big, is not fertile enough to process. Oh, wait a minute-or perhaps, you were drunk as usual??  If so, then we understand, otherwise then there is more. This apology of an article found its way onto sycophantic online portals such as www.ghananewsonline.com. At least, if Ghana News Online had exercised some minimum editorial standards and conducted due diligence they would have tossed this piece in the trash bin.

From Statesmen, to entrepreneurs to respected public servants, Fadi Daboussi has cultivated the habit of constantly maligning them with fabricated articles in a manner that  is unacceptable to level headed Ghanaians. Former President Mahama ignored him, the affable JOSPONG Boss Siaw Agyapong has done same. Now, Fadi wants to stir the honest nest by stretching his dirty hands to Mr. Martin Amidu. He ought to be dealt with and made to answer for these untested theories he spins together.

Reasonable people will say Fadi’s recent publication is nothing more than a VC10 bar talk.

Why malign Amidu and JOSPONG in one breath and in another, attempt to defend others without any factual basis whatsoever. What makes those you defend clean?  What proof do you have of complicity or manipulation by JOSPONG? Cut that crap!!

I have always advised you. However, you never listen. One day, this will see you to your end.

The Lord protects those whose walk is blameless. You see, despite your futile onslaught at the likes of JOSPONG, he remains focused on improving the Ghana narrative. Ask yourself why he continues to scout this globe seeking investors to better the lot of this country, create jobs, support government an improve public safety? He would have been better off living lavish in high-end European destinations enjoying life with his family. Yet he continues to labour to make Ghana better. Should that not prompt you that his motives are noble? If you don’t want an early retirement, learn from the example of your friend Manasseh Azure Awuni – who stands betrayed by his former employers the Multimedia Group.

I hope you have seen how Manasseh got pushed out even though he was deceived into assuming he was the pillar at Multimedia? If you don’t regard anybody and you associate with the devil, you always end up in hell.

Continue to lie against people you don’t know and see how you will progress.

Your letter which sounded utterly clueless does not proffer any single proof, and yet you expect the revered Martin Amidu to go chasing nonsense – when the Kelni GVG, Charles Bissiw shenanigans et al remain unresolved? Hell No.

If I were Jospong, I will let the police arrest and prosecute you for defamation and slap a perpetual injunction on a pathological liar like you.

You should grow by now or get back home and “dzi wo fie as3m”. Lebanon is one of the unruly and most corrupt countries in the world, what have you done about that or you are behaving like the butterfly. Hahahaha “the butterfly thinks itself a bird” You are just a Lebanese who is passing by, don’t assume yourself a Ghanaian. Go home and help build your country if you think you have any expertise.

You keep upholding yourself as an author of books but you cannot even arrange anything meaningful in a one-page document -ouch. “Is this one too an author “?

When you take your beer mixed with the VC10 you so love, and find your smelly ugly self-snoring, you begin to hallucinate and your mind always lands on those whom your hands are too small to box with. You can’t be Jospong because you are evil.

Jospong leans against the Mighty Rock of Jesus Christ and none not even hypocrites like you can succeed in your “agenda destroy him” vision.

Yes Jospong my friend will ensure that he helps the President H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and any other president ever to achieve their aims of making Ghana a better place for the citizens not your cheap elk.

You continue to go to NIB to borrow money, give some to the staff as bribe for tomorrow’s loans, use the rest to drink alcohol and chase smelly ‘aleles’ and stop thinking you can be Jospong. You can’t be him because you have no brains my friend. You will remain frustrated Fadi Daboussi until you start telling the truth.

In which law book did you read that David Asare who was once a worker at JOSPONG and resigned to pursue his personal interest cannot do his own business by himself?

Be warned for I know you more than you think I do.

Do fi and I will tell the whole world about your evil deeds at the Jubilee House.

By Mashoud Bawa


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