Don’t take peace and security for granted – Sudanese Ambassador

The Sudanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Babikir Elsiddig Mohamed Elamin, has advised Ghanaians not to take the peace and security that they enjoy in the country for granted.

Over the years, he said, Ghana had enjoyed peace and stability which other countries did not have, not to mention the effects of the lack of such peace, noting: “Ghanaians must do everything to further promote, protect and sustain the peace and security that they are enjoying.”

He stated that in many parts of the world, elections brought about disturbances and the results were always disputed, leading to political turmoil in the countries.

The ambassador, whose tenure is ending, told the Daily Graphic in an exclusive interview that he was lucky to witness Ghana’s 2016 election which brought the current government into power.

He said he was happy that at the end of the period, we had a smooth handover.

“It was a learning experience for me,” he stated.

Elections, he noted, were usually very competitive, but what was important and interesting to note was that eventually, parties accepted the results and they all moved on.

“Ghanaians are lucky to have been able to go through the election peacefully, and we must continue on this positive path,” he urged.

A model

Ambassador Elamin stated that Ghana was a model and bright example for religious and social tolerance and coexistence, as well as inclusiveness, and it was a positive and good mark as a well as a special characteristic which we must maintain.

He noted that we were able to marry irrespective of our religion or tribe and we lived and worked together in harmony, hence we must continue to live like that.

“You’ve learnt to live together and to respect one another, and you must continue to do that.

“No one is marginalised irrespective of one’s social background,” he stated and commended us for that.

A brand

Mr Elamin stated that as he was about to leave Ghana, there was a lot he would remember and also miss.

According to him, he admired the Ghanaian culture, particularly the beautiful and skilfully made Ghanaian kente with special designs.

“Ghana is a brand as far as her kente is concerned; and all this, together with the beautiful culture and traditions, make you unique,” he stated.

“I will also miss the Ghanaian food such as the fufu, kenkey, banku, jollof rice and fried plantain,” he stated.

He expressed appreciation to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the government and the people of Ghana for their support and kind hospitality during his duty tour.

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