Double track free SHS is a ‘glorified’ shift system – Felix Kwakye

Former Deputy Communications Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has described as “glorified” shift system, the double-track policy which government intends to rollout in the next academic year.

The double track system is expected to divide the entire student body and staff into two different tracks. So that while one track is in school, the other is on vacation.

In the single-track system, students and staff are in school or vacation at the same time within an academic year.

The new policy comes as government braces for another huge intake at second cycle level after it picked up the bill in fulfillment of its free SHS policy.

Sharing his thoughts about the policy on Metro TV on Thursday, Felix Kwakye noted that the decision by government to switch from the current educational system is a vindication of the stance the NDC took during the free senior high school debate in 2016.

He labels the switch as a knee-jerk reaction which would adversely affect performance of students in the long term.

“The decision is myopic and shambolic, to say the least. Government is clearly cutting corners and it is very shameful. President Akufo-Addo and the NPP were warned of the challenges but they were adamant and refused to listen to genuine advice,” Felix Kwakye retorted.
He dismissed suggestions that government was being creative in introducing the double-track policy in addressing the challenges bedeviling the free SHS policy, saying “it was just an experiment not creativity”.

On that score, the former minister urged Ghanaians, particularly parents whose children would be affected to reject the policy, as it would compromise quality teaching and learning.

“Ghanaians must stand up and reject this obnoxious and repugnant policy that will negatively affect education. In fact, Akufo-Addo and the NPP must suffer electoral consequence for deceiving the people of Ghana because this is not the kind of free SHS they promised,” he suggested.

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