Dreadlocks saga: Reggie Rockstone disowns Achimota School

Hiplife legend and alumnus of Achimota SHS, Reggie Rockstone, has expressed disappointment in the school’s refusal to admit two dreadlocked students.

Commenting on the trending issue, he emphatically stated that he was against the decision.

The ‘Keep your eyes on the road’ hitmaker has, therefore, cut ties, temporarily, with his alma mater.

“For now, I’m putting an embargo on Motown even though I went to the school. I’m not down with Motown right now until we get some stuff right. I’m Pan-African. It’s just not flying with me,” he said via Instagram.

Wearing dreadlocks himself, Reggie Rockstone disclosed that all members of his immediate family have dreads.

He further noted that even though he has been supportive of his alma mater, he finds some of the arguments advanced against the dreadlock issue “embarrassing” and “offensive.

“So, for now, Motown is no-town,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, Reggae artiste Samini has also waded into the dreadlocks debate after Achimota Senior High School refused to admit two Rastafarian students because of their locks.

The school’s PTA, the National Association of Graduate Student (NAGRAT) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) have backed the headmistress’s decision not to accept the students.

However, others like the Rastafari Council, ex-MP for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak and some Ghanaians disagree with the position of the school.

Contributing to the ongoing debate, Samini, who wears dreadlocks, said in a Facebook post that he disagrees with Achimota School if the debate is centred around style and preference.

He wondered why someone cannot wear their hair the way they want it, to school in 2021.

He, however, noted that if the argument is about religion, then he would stand with Achimota School.

Speaking in favour of style and preference, the ‘My Own’ hitmaker observed: “If it is an issue of style and preference, then I would humbly plead that our authorities take a second look at this questionable ‘decree’ that smacks of intimidation, discrimination and even to some extent, racism! How will the locks make other students uncomfortable?”

“How will the locks affect his performance? Or wait, will the locks, perhaps, turn into snakes at midnight and hound other students?”

“Can someone please help me understand why I cannot wear my hair the way I want to school in 2021?”

“Let’s even leave the public schools and turn our focus on the private schools that allow any kind of hair preference on their premises. Do we have any records of any troubles being created? I don’t think so.”

On the other hand, the multiple award-winning musician noted that if it is an issue of religion, “if these lads who want to wear locks in school are insisting on that because it’s a religious requirement they cannot forgo, then, by all means, let’s all stand with Achimota because allowing it, could be very very detrimental!”

“A wise man, Eric Weiner, once said: ‘Religion is like a knife. If you use it the wrong way you can cut yourself’. Massaging institutionalised procedure to favour ones religion is a dangerous path we should not take! The repercussions could be terrible because once it’s done to favour religion A, it must be done to favour all and who knows what religion B might ask for?”

Source: Classfmonline.com

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