Dzifa Bampoh, others force Sun to apologise for insulting description of Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey was at the center of every transfer story as the window shut on October 5. As expected, securing a dream move attracted a lot of attention reportage from across the globe.

One which caught the eye was an article by the Sun detailing the rise of the Ghana star. In the article, Partey was described as coming from a “poverty-stricken existence” and his hometown Krobo Odumase was also described as a “poor town.”

Such descriptions did not go well with many Ghanaians, and some took to social media to express their dissatisfaction. One of such was former Joy News editor, Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh, who went a step further to write to the editor of the Sun.

Speaking to Joy Sports, the former news anchor explained why she decided to take further action.

“I was offended because we must acknowledge people who have pulled themselves up to become something. By describing him and his hometown in that manner, we denigrate him and his hometown and the larger population of Ghanaians.”

“I was very unhappy about it and I was actually incensed. I felt like if I didn’t write anything, I will just be shouting on social media to no end. So, I lodged a complaint to see whether there will be any difference. I am glad that in the end they appreciated that there was a need for a more nuanced description of Partey and his hometown,” she added.

The Sun replied Dzifa and effected changes to their harsh descriptions in the initial article about Partey.

Other Ghanaians also reached out to the Sun to express their disgust. For example, Emmanuel Kissi wrote this under the Sun’s comment thread.

Partey has become a poster boy for Ghana in the Premier League and will be keenly watched as he begins the North London adventure against Manchester City on the next matchday.

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