EC stole for NPP – Mahama insists despite court’s final judgement

Former President John Dramani Mahama insists that the NDC won majority in parliament but the electoral commission through dubious means stole some for the NPP.

John Dramani Mahama in a speech after the 2020 election indicated that the NDC had won a working majority in parliament. He indicated that the NDC had won 140 seats in Parliament.

However, at the the end of the electoral processes, both the NDC and the NPP garnered 137 each with one seat for an independent candidate.

But addressing the people of Ghana after the Supreme Court verdict, John Dramani Mahama indicated that “In the Parliamentary elections, the NDC won majority of seats. However, through devious manipulation by officials of the Electoral Commission, a number of these seats were illegally declared for the NPP”.

Adding that “In some instances, the manipulation was so glaring and brazen that simple intervention by the leadership of the Electoral Commission as has been done by previous Commissioners could have addressed the issues and righted the wrongs to make court actions completely unnecessary”.

The former President indicated that it is imperative that the Electoral Commission’s leadership is kicked out of office because they are not fit to occupy the position they are currently occupying.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that International Election Observers captured collation and tallying of results as one of the challenges of our 2020 elections. The posture and approach of this current Electoral Commission does not inspire the confidence needed to preside over any transparent, free and fair election.

They have absolutely no reason to remain in office. This is because the Electoral Commission must remain a neutral arbiter and the organizer of elections. They must not hold a vested interest in the dubious victory of one party over another”.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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