EL, Tinny, others rock fans At GIJ

The Ghana Institute of Journalism Students’ Representative Council (GIJ-SRC) as part of its week celebration held artiste night on Friday, the 15th of March, 2019 at the Ghana International Press Centre.

The night saw various student musicians mount the stage with thrilling performances. The guest artistes then took over. The event reached its climax when the famous EL surprisingly came up stage. The screams and cheers that filled the night at that moment was a memorable one. EL gave a stunning lengthy performance.

Sefa also came up the stage to shake the guys and ladies with her popular song Odo Yewu. Tulenkey came next to thrill fans with his recent hits F*ck Boys and Child Abuse. The students were not willing to leave until, Tinny, the main act for the night had performed.

Tinny indeed did not disappoint his fans and audience as he gave a very lengthy and powerful stage performance. He had the audience singing every line of his song and dancing to every rhyme and rhythm. The show came to an end after his performance.

The GIJ-SRC week celebration started on the 11th of March and was brought to an end on the 17th of March. The theme for the celebration was ’Promoting Tourism Through Communication”.

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