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Elizabeth Ohene saw the light after breaking bread with CSOs – Franklin Cudjoe

The founding president of IMANI has called out former Education Minister Elizabeth Ohene for her latest article titled “All-knowing neutrals”.

The IMANI Chief Executive Officer accused her of double standard by labelling the country’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for being all knowing following their criticisms of the Agyapa Royalties deal.

He quizzed how she never seemed to have found IMANI as being all-knowing when she made use of its forums to trumpet her views in the days when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was in opposition.

“Here was Ms Elizabeth Ohene speaking on corruption when IMANI gave her the platform when she and her party were in opposition. She was given another platform to speak on education reforms when she and her party were in opposition,” he captioned on his tweet feed.

“The CSOs are currently very busy doing what they do best, which is to point out what the government is doing wrong. Since that is their self-appointed role, I wouldn’t feel the need to comment but for the persistent fact that the CSOs appear to think that any criticism directed at them means one is against them.

“I can’t understand why it is okay for them to point out what they believe to be wrong and yet, someone pointing out what they might have gotten wrong is supposed to mean you don’t want them to exist,” she said in her article.

According to her, “They claim to love Ghana far more than anybody else and definitely more than anybody in politics. I have problems with that. They claim to be honest, hardworking and effective and they have answers to every problem. They are mistaken.”

Government had rejected the content of a letter issued by the CSOs raising issues on why the Agyapa Minerals Royalties deal which the latter said must be suspended.

In the letter, the CSOs suggested among other claims that the timeline of four months to Initial Public Offering (IPO) is problematic, therefore to ensure favourable pricing of the offered securities, the timeline for listing any MIIF SPV on any international exchange should be extended to at least April 2021.

Honorary Vice-President of IMANI-Africa, Bright Simons described the comments by government that the inputs of CSOs in the country on the Agyapa deal are not needed.

He said CSOs play a critical role in ensuring accountability by government, therefore, saying their efforts are not needed is unfortunate.

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