Enhance Your Work From Home Lifestyle With These 5 Tips

Despite the sudden monumental shift to pandemic telecommuting, workers from home still displayed fair results when asked of their productivity rate. Ninety-five percent of the respondents in a FlexJobs’ survey (2020) say their productivity has been higher (if not the same) working from home. Fifty-one percent reported to be more productive when working remotely. 

In addition, however challenging the year 2020 has been, remote employees still manifested a Workforce Happiness Index of 75 out of 100 compared to the number 71 for workers in the real office setting based on CNBC. It was also found that remote workers are satisfied with their jobs (57%) than the office-based workers (50%).

These figures are not a surprise since the work from home setup is really ideal in consideration of our situation today. Not many actually liked this idea in the beginning since they would be required to brush up their I.T. and computer skills. They are also expecting a hefty workload since employers know they can be more focused and have more time for some more tasks working at home. It is not all bad though. 

We can divide the advantages into two parts being the personal takeaways and the experience takeaways. Personal takeaways include no commute to work, unhurried preparation for the shift, comfortable working clothes, saved money from lunch and others that are self-rewarding. Experience takeaways can be flexible working hours, countless breaks, fewer interruptions, more focused, quieter and more comfy workspace and not being involved in office nonsense or gossip. Both of these depict why this kind of work setup is a good deal on its own. Most companies also just require their employees to finish their assigned task and then they can call it a day. Living, right?

Better work-life balance is of high importance if you want to keep up with this digital nomad lifestyle. Especially if you are one of the 65% (from the same FlexJobs’ survey) who want to become full-time remote workers even after the pandemic. Thirty-one percent of the same group preferred a hybrid work arrangement where they can work some days at home or in the office. With this much demand, this work flexibility might really be here to stay.

Working from home can be tough at times, particularly when the job load gets too overwhelming, dull or monotonous. It also poses a challenge when you are having difficulties demarcating office work and house work. Many usually make the mistake of getting both office and house work done at once. This leads to prolonged work effort and inaccurate and inefficient results of either. Here is a short list that you should consider when you want to enhance your work from home lifestyle:

  1. Stay healthy and hydrated.

Ensure you get nothing but the best nutrition and hydration from the food you intake. Food is linked to productivity and efficiency. What you eat can make or break your mood after lunch. If you want to maintain an overall healthy wellbeing, prepare your own food. With this, you can monitor the nutritional value of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, do not forget the hydration benefits of water. It promotes cardiovascular health, increases your energy and brain function, helps joints and muscles function correctly, boosts your physical body and makes your skin plump and moist. Who does not want these benefits?

  1. Detach from negativity.

You probably spend most of your leisure time on social media and while that is somewhat entertaining, it may not be good for your mental health when you start pondering and contemplating all the things you see and read from any social platform.

From this moment on, learn how to respect your mental peace. Unfollow negative people and those that radiate negative energy. Do not reply to anything that invites conflict and learn how to say “no” when necessary. You have experienced more than enough dealing with this pandemic and any more negativity will just derail you from achieving your goals of having a holistic wellbeing.

  1. Make yourself a conducive home office.

Invest in an ergonomic chair, a nice sleek table and a fast working computer. Put on some lo-fi music to get that office lobby “feels” and you are off to a great start. While you are at it, ensure that the “do not disturb” sign is at your door so then folks at home can respect your time working and that your focus is where it should only be.

  1. Set up routines.

Establish routines you can commit to on a regular basis. Routines enable you to be more disciplined. It could be a daily exercise routine or a skin care routine. You can also start a new hobby that you can revisit or do daily to establish a routine. Maybe gardening with some indoor plants or completing a painting? All these things facilitate a little relaxation and a divert of your attention so you can destress and feel less tense somehow.

  1. Meditate before sleeping.

Sleep is your body’s way of recuperating from a long day’s work so getting enough sleep can compensate for all the work done. Before tucking yourself into bed, you might want to play with some essential oils, put it on your pulse points and relax your way. If it will help, you can do a little meditation or reflect on what happened today. Make a self-assessment of the things that turned out right and congratulate yourself for them, those that did not do well can be resolved with a well rested mind. Put yourself to relax city and to dreamland off you go. 

With these tips, you can alleviate stress and negative energy to enhance your work lifestyle and even boost your productivity. Working from home can be tough at times but you can find it rewarding and life changing if you know how to live it differently. 

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