Enrol your children in TVET – Fanteakwa North MP

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education, Mr Kwabena Amankwah Asiamah, has urged parents to enrol their children into technical and vocational schools since they can explore more opportunities in their careers due to their training.

According to Mr Asiamah, recent statistics show that people are finding it difficult to find jobs in Africa because they have no technical skills, stressing that students who are trained in technical institutions have the knowledge and technical know-how to create jobs on their own.

He was of the view that countries like Germany, China, Hong Kong and Singapore have been able to develop because of their high concentration on technical institutions.

Mr Asiamah made these comments when he led a 20-member Education Committee to inspect TVET projects in the Western Region.

Speaking to the media during the inspection of the projects, the Ranking Member of the Committee, Peter Nortsu-Kotoe, observed that even though the government is supporting technical education, it is still not enough compared to the current needs of citizens in the 16 regions of the country.

He pointed out a need for the TVET facilities to be made more user-friendly to people with disabilities.

The Committee inspected ongoing projects at the Takoradi Technical Institute, Takoradi VTI and Takoradi Technical University.

The purpose of the working visit was for the MPs to check whether the loans and financial agreements approved by Parliament for government agencies are being used appropriately.

Source: Parliament

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