Eugene Arhin smooched sidechick right before his children’s eyes – Ex Wife

Estranged wife of Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin, Gloria Arhin has indicated that what hurts her heart is the fact that her husband after making three children with her convinced her to undergo a procedure called Tubal legation in order not to give birth again because he was ok with the three children.

However, after he had convincing the wife to undergo the procedure, the Director of Communications at the Presidency has had another child with another woman and has started a family with her.

What hurts her heart is the fact that when she complained, Eugene Arhin rather shouted at her and treated her with disdain adding that he left their residence to another residence where he said he finds peace.

Gloria Arhin in her writ said she was pained when their firstborn told her that while they were with their father, he was with another woman whose name is given as Grace and that he was consistently kissing her passionately infront of them.

She indicate that for two years, she has been sex starved by her husband who has left their matrimonial home and because of his unrepentant nature, she has decided to leave the marriage.

Gloria Arhin says she cannot live with a man who compares her to other ladies in his life anytime there is a quarrel between them; something she sees as disrespectful.


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