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Every president is like a baby: Captain Smart reacts to Serwaah Broni and Nana Addo allegations

Captain Smart, the well known journalist, has spoken out on the controversial situation between Serwaah Broni and President Nana Akufo-Addo. According to Captain Smart, the entire Serwaah’s allegation against the President has enraged him because it demonstrates that the security personnel surrounding the President are not performing their duties as they are paid to do.

Captain Smart concluded after analyzing the entire situation surrounding the allegation on television this morning that Serwaah was probably sent by someone to undertake all of this for a reason. He went on to explain that based on the photographs Serwaah posted on the internet, she understood exactly what she was doing since no one would photograph the empty chair the President sits in on the presidential jet for no apparent reason.

The security men who were responsible with protecting the present from such concerns were also blamed by Captain. Serwaah would not have been bold enough to take a picture aboard the presidential plane, let alone when he was resting or conversing with a flight attendant, if they had done their job correctly, he added. 

According to Captain, the fact that Serwaah was able to take a picture of the President eating and the type of food he was eating startled him the most and made him upset at the security personnel.

 According to Captain, this is a severe situation that should not have occurred because he knew a president who was poisoned through food. He feels that if security had done a better job, the controversies would not have occurred, whether they were factual or not.

He went on to say that every president in history had been a “stubborn cat” because they had all engaged in private activities that the public would have deemed wrong if they had known about, but we never found out because of the fantastic work the security around them was able to do.

He added that what Serwaah Broni alleges the President did with her was something that no other president could say they had not done some before.

According to Captain Smart, when presidents see a lot of people applauding them, they become like a baby who is happy and believe they can do whatever they want because they know they are loved by a lot of people. However, that is when those around them ensure that they are checked and limited in what they can and cannot do.

By: Dapaah_Gh

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