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Ewes seriously victimized by preconceived stereotypes, total disregard and disdain – Edem

Musician Edem has said Ewes are being victimized daily in Ghana through subliminal disdain, preconceived notions and abject disregard as Ghanaians, MyNewsGh.com reports.

According to the musician, this will not be known to you until you’re an Ewe or walk through their skin deep, as you are likely to face insinuations and all kinds of stuff.

The thread generated quite a number of reactions from Ewes and non Ewes with different perspectives of the matter.

The musician posted:

“You would never ever truly feel how Ewes are treated till you are in the skin of one..From insinuations ,to preconceived notions,to subliminal disdain and disregard ,at work places in social circles ,to marriage ,in closing deals,it’s crazy #Unapologetic #Ayigbeboy”

The following are some comments of his followers:

Then u shining Ewe guys get money noor you go and mary Akan ladies. Stonebwouy and yourself. Even Rawlings was caught in this trap

But the One who spotted your talent wasn’t an Ewe. What about that.
I realise the Ewes complain of this a lot while they don’t show  each other luv. How can someone else show u luv. This is a fact the Ewes can’t deny. I was born and bread on the Ewe land all my life so I know dem

I was born and bred at Aflao. I had my polytechnic and university education in Ho. I did my National service at KETA. I know them paaaa. The Ewes don’t love each other, that is why they can’t conquer other tribe dominance in this country.

I’m a multitribe but Ewe, not part one time I was looking for a place to rent close to my Uni… The landlady looked at me and said to the agent the room isn’t for rent again. We asked why? All because I look like an ewe lady and she doesn’t want ewes in her house. Herh🙄😁

Same experience i had, trying to get a room for a frnd. She said she doesn’t want an ewe in the hse. My checks revealed that the workers who even put up the building are ewes.  the ‘evil’ ones build the hse but can’t live in. Its funny.

That’s not true. Ewes discriminate and that’s what causes everything. They’d seem to help an ewe they just met than an Akan friend they’ve known for years.

Exactly the point my guy.. so many ewes out there don’t like people to know the real identities of them cos of racism! Cos if you disclose ur identity maybe you ain’t gonna get the job so you have to hide it nether to get the job🤔

That’s not true. Ewes discriminate and that’s what causes everything. They’d seem to help an ewe they just met than an Akan friend they’ve known for years.

Let’s stop this enthnocentric nonsense and move Ghana forward, the youth below the ages of 39yrs have been really educated about this but they are rather adding the heats when their retarded parents are being ignorants.

@iamedem WITH THE GREATEST OF RESPECT! We are “EƲE” not “EWE”. “Ewe” is a female sheep.
Let’s address ourselves properly if we want to be respected!
Pls get an EƲE keyboard!🙏🏾 https://t.co/RWA3LyTc58

I went to both JHS and SHS in Volta so I never experienced this until I went to College. Words can’t describe my awful experience and it’s really sad these are people who will lead this country in the future.

So who are those people doing all of this to them, the GA’s, Fantis, krobors, Ashanti’s, the government or who b’cos come to think of it, the Ewe’s are the people in the high positions in our business sectors in GH, so if u said this, what will d GA’s also say?

Ewes are too emotional masa… hoh!!. We dey troll Ashantis all the time dey no dey bore we troll you people small norr den you catch feelings… tsw

But why are people making it sound like Akans are the main culprits when it comes to discrimination against Ewes or probably other ethnicities. Do you know that in so doing y’all be preaching hate against Akans?

But why do we(ewes) like fighting battles that aren’t ours?. Whom did Dormelevo himself attested (confirmed) he is? GA Adangbe or Ewe?. The very people we fight for are the very cause of any sideline an ewe man faces daily. @iamedem just go deep u will know we are our own problem

Way back in school,we had a free weekend so I went to a frnd’s house and when I mentioned my name the mum cudnt so I pointed out that its an Ewe name,the boy told me afterwards that I shudnt have said am an Ewe cos in their household,the dont like Ewes..Eih!!

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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