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Eye-witness, 13, narrates chilling account of how police were killed

A 13-year-old girl has disclosed that the wanted suspect who shot and killed a police officer at Gomoa Buduburam on Wednesday, was first slapped by the officer.

Narrating her traumatic experience amidst tears, she told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba that when the deceased accosted the suspect to arrest him, the officer first slapped the suspect.

The eye-witness [name withheld] said they were in their shop when a police vehicle with two officers [Sgt Micheal Dzamesi and Lance Corporal Mohammed Awal] and a private car pulled up around 1 pm.

One of the two policemen got out of the car and slapped the suspect who was driving the unregistered Toyota Camry.

Obviously pissed, he told the officer he is taking money from his car but pulled a gun and fired at the policeman who had slapped him.

The teenager said the officer then rushed into their shop to seek cover with the other officer also running for his life.

Watch the video below

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