Fadel Asuma Banda arrested for breaking into father’s house

The son of Alhaji Asuma Banda, Fadel Asuma Banda together with two others have been apprehended by the Airport Police after he and an unidentified group of men broke into his father’s Airport Residential home.

He was arrested with two other accomplices, Aliu Bello, 28, and Suleman Mohammed, 36, who stormed the home of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Antrak Group of Companies in Accra.

In a video sighted by MyJoyOnline, Fadel, in the company of about 20 men were seen breaking into the house by smashing a concrete block through the main gate of the building.

Although the group, approximately 20 in number managed to break into the compound of the house, they were unable to gain access into the building, owing to well-secured burglar proof.

The incident which occurred on the morning of Wednesday, March 17 at 11:35 am attracted the attention of residents in the area.

According to some unconfirmed reports, UK-born Fadel Asuma Banda has been denied access to his father time without number by his step-mother, Edwina Baaba Bansa with whom he lives at the location his son broke into.

Fadel, who is said to have returned to Ghana to try and resolve the issues with his father, complained of not being able to see him and was given the excuse that his father was unwell and not in the position to receive visitors.

“My next visit to the house for the second time, was when the same guy (the security man) came out to inform me that my dad said he doesn’t want to see me.”

“I became justifiably suspicious as to what was going on; and if my dad didn’t want to see me, I had the right to at least hear it from ‘the horses own mouth’ if truly he had said so.

“It is strange that my dad will say he doesn’t want to see me, as I worked with my him for good 12 years as his manager and all of a sudden I’m told he doesn’t want to see me. How come?” he quizzed.

It is believed by some that Edwina Baaba Banda is responsible for the rift between the father and son.

However, while speaking with the Police following the arrest of his son and his accomplices, Alhaji Banda is heard informing a Police Officer that he is unwilling to see his son, citing his son’s disrespect of him as the reason. He had apparently also instructed his security detail not to allow his son into the house.

According to the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Efia Tenge, they received information that some ‘thugs’ had invaded the residence of Alhaji Asuma Banda, located at the Airport Residential Area.

“The District Commander dispatched personnel to the residence and on arrival, they met about 20 young men under the leadership of the businessman’s son Fadel Asuma Banda.

“The men were spotted on the compound of the house trying to break the burglar-proof and glass doors of the hall and living room, where Alhaji Asuma Banda and his wife Edwina Baaba Banda, his children and other family members had taken refuge,” she stated.

Upon their arrival, some 17 persons managed to escape however, the security personnel managed to pick up Fadel Asuma Banda and 2 others.

DSP Efia Tenge further reported that a family member, Chief Alhassan Abubakar Banda was assaulted and had his phone taken in the process, which has now been retrieved from the suspect.

Meanwhile, an armed guard has been posted at the premises to prevent any future occurrences of this nature as well as protect the Banda family.

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