Families of uniformed men deserve better livelihood – Supt Toobu

The former Executive Secretary to the immediate past Inspector General of Police, Supt Peter Lanchene Toobu has waged a campaign for better living conditions for families of security officials.

Recounting the experience of his father to Daniel Kaku, he noted that as a retired military officer he had to resort to peasant farming to keep the family going, he wondered why "our men in uniform" aren't given the support and better livelihood they deserve.

Supt Peter Toobu highlighted the trauma security officials go through in the course of their duties in spite of the disheartening conditions they're forced to live with.

He stated, that security officials on many occasions leave their spouses to support international peace operations, returning home with all kinds of psychological challenges, they patrol in dusty, cold and sometimes rainy nights leaving behind their children in order to ensure the safety of all those living in decent accommodation.

He further bemoaned, "we are called upon when there is an unknown dead body. Our phones never stop ringing when there is fire outbreaks, floods and violent crimes like robbery. Many are put on duty 12 hours a day continuously for a month without time to even wash our clothes yet our right to annual leave is often trampled upon without compensation".

These horrible situations, he explained have turned many officers into alcoholics, with many officers suffering broken marriages with consequential effects on their wards and yet when they die in active service, the state frustrate their families in their guest to getting their gratuity paid.

Supt Peter Lanchene Toobu further called on governments in Sub Saharan Africa, to prioritise the welfare of Security officials and their families.

"Wearing the uniform should be a national pride and not job for the boys", he said.

He, however, admonished his colleague security officials, to continue to uphold in high esteem, their values and principles and defend the good name of their respective countries.

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