Family of murdered Asiakwa teacher demands justice

Family of the Slain Religious and Moral education teacher of the Asiakwa Salvation Army basic school in the eastern region say they want perpetrators of the act severely punished to deter others from doing same.

Head of the family, Opanyin Badu Agyare says the family is really hurt with the turn of events, explaining the interest shown by authorities has calmed them down.

Opayin Agyare says in order to avoid a possible vengeance they want those tasked to look into the case to act professionally.

The deceased was severely attacked by some youth in area for protesting against alleged nefarious activities by the suspects.

Earlier reports suggested that the deceased was murdered following an altercation.

But the family head says the attack on the Religious and Moral Education teacher was a revenge following a dispute over snails.

According to him, the school has a snail farm which was encroached by some irate youth in the community who use the school compound for nefarious activities such as wee smoking and illicit sex.

Upon police complaints, arrests were made but instead of prosecutions some opinion leaders intervened and the suspects were made to pay for the cost of the snails stolen from the farm.

He says during the assault on their colleague, the assailants revealed he was being punished because his school surcharged them for the stolen snails. The deceased who was initially admitted to the Kyebi Hospital was later transferred to the St Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidu where he died after unsuccessful attempts by doctors there to save the teacher whose condition had deteriorated.

Meanwhile, officials of the National Democratic Congress in the eastern region have commiserated with the family of the deceased teacher and presented toiletries, soft drinks, bottles of mineral water and other assorted items to the family.



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