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Father and son take lessons in class five

A 41-year old father of seven, Moses Ahlidza, has gone back to school and joined his second child in class five.

The fisherman told the media he decided to go back to school because his children often discussed issues in English language during fishing, and he felt left out.

He said his first child was in Junior High School three and the School Prefect, the third in class six, so he was comfortable and happy to be back in school.

Mr Ahlidza said his fourth and fifth children were also in basic three while the sixth and seventh, in kindergarten one and two, all at Atsigode near Dambai, in the Krachi East Municipality of the Volta Region.

He said he had the support of his wife and promised to enrol her too, after he completed.

The fisherman said his father married seven women and gave birth to 20 children, none educated.

He said he started school in 1990 but went to school once a year and later dropped out.

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