Fear in Oti, schools shut down as two tribes engage in battle

Everything was in its perfect place when the Oti Region was created in the initial state. The peace and unity still abode. But we don't know what is happening currently in the Oti Region. Murder cases and terrible accidents is likely to be associated to the Region.

The update from Nkwanta this evening to other Villages, towns, districts and Metropolis across the region is very sad. Two tribes in the Oti Region Nkwanta, have set the whole constituency in Fear and panic. These two tribes which have been identified as Akyodes and Challas embarks on a terrible battle with powerful weapons. As a result of the uproar and chaos in Nkwanta, headmasters have been given a notice to close down the schools for the main time before peace prevails.

"Good evening to you Fathers, Seniors Brothers and Sisters on this platform. Please let's remember Nkwanta township and it's environs in our prayers. There is absolute chaos and anarchy at Nkwanta and it's environs. People have been shot, stabbed, bitten, houses are being burnt etc. Is a dispute between the Akyodes and the Challas over the ownership of the Nkwanta town. Please let's remember the place in our prayers. What is happening there is very disheartening and very disgraceful." - Manager of Skyboss in Oti Region shares

By: Milito favour

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