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Fella Makafui lists her enviable achievements to mock trolls who always criticize her

Actress, Fella Makfui has taken to her Twitter page to scheme a thread aimed at mocking her trolls who always criticize her on the internet even if she has done nothing wrong.

The happily married actress, entrepreneur, and brand influencer severely scolded all her attackers on the local digital space by tagging them as a group of envious people who purposely direct their own disappointments in life at her for no apparent reason.

Mrs. Frimpong who is more than content with how God has blessed her bragged that although she’s very young, she has accomplished a lot in life many people in their 60s can’t boast of.

She further expressed her discontent as to how most Ghanaians hate to see their fellow prosper or do well in life more than them.

Fella Makafui who has had a fair share of cyberbullying on different occasions also thanked God for guiding her steps on the right paths.

She wrote;

I have come to understand some Ghanaians only hate on you when you are elevating !! They hate competition!! They dislike it because it intimidates most of them !! It’s even worse when you are young !! But anyways,I won’t dull my sparkle because of your feelings!

Lol I’m not even where I want to be in life but at my age and what I have achieved lol, all I can say is “Thank you Jesus “ .I’m proud of myself..You can discredit my efforts and hard-works but as long as it doesn’t affect my bank account..WE GOOD !!

Undoubtedly, Fella Makafui is really blessed. She is the only one who has been able to make a name for herself and build a solid brand after the end of the YOLO series.

No one can deny her charisma and hardworking trait, she’s living the life of most of our slay queens and female celebrities hence the reason they pick on her unprovoked.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com

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