FIDA-GHANA Campaigns for free healthcare

The International Federation of Women Lawyers in Ghana (FIDA-GH) has advocated for a free Healthcare to be provided for  victims and survivors of Domestic Violence to enable them come out in their numbers to receive treatment without any fear of huge bills.

According to their observation, most victims have died painfully, with majority still suffering in hidings, just because they do not even have money to access any healthcare to survive.

The FIDA, has therefore appealed to the government and all other concerned agencies to make it a very urgent and important duty to make some funds available to the agencies and even some of the government hospitals to aid these poor citizens who also in their good times, contribute their quota in diverse ways to national development.

The organization, in collaboration with DOVVSU and other concerned Human Rights Agencies, sent their petition to the Government through the Ghanaian media at a workshop held at the TOMREIK Hotel in Accra at the weekend.

The programme, which was held under the theme, ““Implementation of Free Healthcare; A Lifeline for Women and Girls Survival from Domestic Violence” pulled together lots of Human Rights Activists, Agencies, Victims and Survivors to put their heads together to assert the way forward for human lives in Ghana, as far as Domestic Violence is concern.

In her submission, President of the organization, Lawyer Afua Adotey, also painfully recorded and recounted them overwhelming number of people who are abused on regular bases without mostly any serious action taken against the perpetuators because of some funny interventions from either family of some ‘big man’ somewhere.

She called for serious national action against these perpetuators without any intervention whatsoever, and called on the victims to be bold to come to FIDA for any assistance within their strength to support national development.

Later to add to their appeal, one of the Paralegals of FIDA-GH, Nana Akua Esamobea 1, who also doubles as the Bretuo Tufo Hemaa of Aburi, also stressed on the need and how necessary it is for the Government to arrange with the hotels, Guest houses and even our churches to allot or reserve at least, one room purposely to accommodate these abuse victims as a point of first shelter when they have to run from their abused homes to save their lives, even before they organize themselves to face any other actions.

She was of the view that, if victims have such places to first run to for shelter to tell their stories, most of them would not have stayed in their abused homes or environment to suffer or even die ignorantly.

She bemoaned how some of these victims had run into the arms of same family members, who eventually had threatened and suppressed from coming out to report the cases for support.

Nana Esamobea 1, was of the view that, if government could make this very important arrangements with the above mentioned service providers and subsides their taxations a little for them, this would go a very long way to help the nation fight and save Domestic Violence survivors from dying helplessly.

By NANA Effei

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