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Flawless And Curvy Photos Of Savannah And Others Who Are Endowed With Huge Shape

Segos Pumpkin is a well-known video vixen, model, dancer, fashionista, and social media influencer from South Africa. Segos is one of the many social media personalities that have become famous as a result of their large social media followings. 

Segos Pumpkin has a massive backside with amazing contours. Her curves were the distinguishing qualities that aided in the rise of her Instagram account and social media recognition.

Mel Dlgn

She presently serves as the brand spokesperson for Fashion Nova Curve. The Dutch queen’s official Instagram account has over 18,000 followers, thanks to her hourglass figure and stunning appearance. She posts make-up tutorials, fashion advice, and lifestyle images on Instagram on a daily basis.

The curvy beauty enjoys going on adventures and seeing new locations. Mel Dlgn is a Dutch make-up artist, fashion model, curvy plus-size model, content creator, brand ambassador, lifestyle blogger, social media personality, and Instagram star who promotes several fashion brands on Instagram. She was born and reared in the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

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