Flooding in Ghana: Who is to blame?

Flooding is one of the main fears of most Ghanaians. Year after year, lives are lost, people are displaced, and properties are lost.

The most recent occurrence is the June 18 flood which took life of Dr. Ayah Hayfron and 8 others.

Flooding has terrorized this country for over three decades. Between 1968 and 2018, Ghana has experienced 25 major floods across the country with a large number of them occurring in the months of June and July.

Flooding is considered the number two national disaster in Ghana, killing in total of over four hundred (400) people. An estimated 3.9 million people have since been affected and millions of US dollars, worth of damage recorded.


Who is to blame?

Is it the Ghana Meteorological Agency?

Many Ghanaians have attributed the loss of lives during floods to the incompetence of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, GMA.

GMA is well known for late reporting or inaccurate information on weather.
As a matter of fact, most Ghanaians no longer pay heed to warnings from the institution.

The question we all ask ourselves is, do they know what they’re doing?


Is it you and I?

Sanitation is a contributing factor to flooding is the country.

As a country, we have been talking a lot about sanitation, but we have done very little to fix the problems as a people.

A lot of funds have been allocated to sensitize the public with regards to sanitation and its contribution to flood, but we still see our fellow Ghanaians disposing plastic waste into gutters.

Ghanaians must learn to take responsibility for our actions and stop playing the blame game.

Have we ever stopped to think of what happens after we drop our plastic waste into the gutters?

Have we thought of our brothers and sisters who died on their way home when it rained?

Let’s not be selfish.

Is it corruption?

Ghana has had its own share of corrupt leaders over the years.

Most of us are led to believe that our leaders do not have us at heart.

Most, if not all our leaders only focus on the money and prestige that comes with the position they hold in public offices forgetting about the responsibilities.

Both past and present governments have made countless promises to solve the flooding problems in the country but the problem still persists.

The World Bank, the French government and other development agencies have provided funding worth millions of dollars and euros to help deal with sanitation and flooding.

The latest major intervention is the $150 million Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation and Water Project.

We only see our leaders spending tax payer’s money on luxury SUVs and other “invisible” projects.

For instance, in 2015, Ghana spent $24 million renovating the 2KM runway at Kumasi Airport. In 2016, Ethiopia built the new Hawassa International Airport, complete with terminals and a 3KM runway for $23 million. Hawassa was made ready for large bodied aircraft that same year. Kumasi hasn’t seen a single large-bodied aircraft since.

When is this greed going to end?

When is this “blatant embezzlements” going to end?


Is it our engineers?

The Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) is the professional body responsible for licensing practicing engineers in Ghana. It was founded in 1968 to succeed the Ghana Group of Professional Engineers. The Institution derives its authority from the Engineering Council Act 2011, Act 819 and the Professional Bodies Registration Decree NRCD143 of 1973.

If you visit the GHIE website, the mission says that the Ghana Institution of Engineers aims to be:
1. Be Leaders in The Development Of Science, Engineering And Technology At All Levels Of Society.
2. Share Knowledge and Instill In The Membership, Professionalism And Ethical Practice
3. Establish Structures To Ensure Good Corporate Image Of The Institution At All Times.

Presently, the members in good standing are about 2,300 engineers. If we should spread this nationwide, we should have at least an engineer per district or constituency.

I think that instead of talking One District, One Factory, we should be talking One District, One Engineer.

I believe that the Ghana Institution of Engineering is an organization of engineering societies dedicated to advancing the knowledge, understanding and practice of engineering and members of the societies represent the mainstream of Ghanaian engineering.

We have engineers in politics, industry, academia and other key areas.

What role are they playing in our lives?

What active role is the GHIE playing in our lives?

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