Food hawkers in Koforidua made good sales on May Day

Most food hawkers who attended the May Day celebration in Koforidua made good sales compared to their normal days.

Mr Enoch Sarpong, one of the producers of Let’s Sip fresh yoghurt, said the maximum size of dispenser with the yoghurt was brought to the function and all was sold out.

He said the prices depending on the cups, which were used to serve a ranged from GHS3.00 and GHS5.00
One of the hawkers who sold boiled eggs, Ms Ama Yeboah, said due to the celebration, she was able to sell two and a half crates of eggs as at 11:45am.

Madam Adjoa Sefa, 37, who sells local maize snacks, said out of the 50 pieces she brought for sale only two pieces were left to be sold out.
Ms Janet Tiwah, 47, who sells plantain chips, said sales had been good because of the May Day celebration.

She said out of the 80 pieces of plantain chips she brought to the grounds, only five were left to be sold out.

Two minors, Lydia Boabeng, 15, and Esther Dede, 14, who sold water and plantain chips said they had sold two bags of water and 60 pieces of plantain chips out of 90 pieces respectively.

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