Foods to limit during pregnancy

As an expecting mother, it’s exciting knowing you’ll have your baby in just a few months and this means you have a greater responsibility to see it through by taking care of yourself and the unborn baby by eating the right foods to keep you both healthy

Cravings during pregnancy are inevitable, but there are unhealthy foods that you should limit while you are pregnant such as

Raw eggs

Raw eggs contain bacteria such as salmonella, which is harmful to your baby development and even leads to food poisoning; this may cause severe symptoms such as diarrhea, high fever, and abdominal pains.

Foods that contain raw eggs such as mayonnaise, ice creams, custards should be avoided.

Eat well-cooked eggs and homemade ice cream and buy pasteurized egg products

Raw meat

Undercooked meat that is red or pink is not safe to consume while pregnant. Raw meat contains E. Coli, Toxoplasma, which is a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis and also harmful salmonella bacteria. Consuming undercooked meat can lead to fetal death or even miscarriage.

Ensure your meat Is well cooked to 145 F before you eat

Mercury fish

Fish has excellent benefits for both you and your unborn baby such as omega -3, but there are fish which are not safe to eat when you are pregnant that is those fish that contain high levels of mercury such as tuna, swordfish, mackerel, shark, and halibut

Some fish are safe to consume, such as tilapia, salmon, cod, sardines, but ensure they are well-cooked.


A lot of caffeine, while you are pregnant, is not suitable for the baby as too much of it may hinder the iron absorption, which can cause anemia, and that is not good for the growth of the baby.

Some other drinks and snacks contain caffeine like energy drinks, soda, chocolate, and coffee ice creams. These, too, you should avoid consuming.

Instead of taking caffeinated drinks, switch to decaf.


This comes without saying you shouldn’t take alcohol when you are pregnant. Alcohol inhibits the full development of the fetus and sometimes may cause miscarriages.

Despite the temptation to take a few occasional shots once in a while, it’s not okay, and it’s better to be safe than sorry and not take it. 

Street foods

They are tempting, yes, but this is not the time to give in into your cravings. Eating for two is not easy, but you need to eat healthy during this time. That hotdog you might be craving may have been preserved with chemicals used for preservation in high quantity and are not suitable for the fetus’s development.

Raw sprouts

These have been connected with salmonella and E. colibacteria, which are not suitable for you and the fetus. It’s better to stay away from these while you are pregnant than to be sorry.

You can always switch sprouts to fresh green vegetables like baby arugula and spinach in that sandwich, and you get a healthy snack Visit to learn more about this.

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