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Football coach who shook manhood aggressively at opposition is banned from matches

A youth football coach has been banned from games for three years after he flashed his penis aggressively at opposition fans. Keith Steinmetz, 58, carried out the act of ‘sheer stupidity’ when his team Newcastle United played against Tottenham Hostpur at Wembley in May this year. Steinmetz, who is also a grandfather, was reacting to abuse from Spurs fans.

A court heard that he dropped his trousers and shook his penis at fans between five to 10 seconds after drinking six or seven pints. Prosecutor Brian Pain said: ‘He was fairly rapidly detained and subsequently interviewed.’

He admitted one count of exposure and a public order offence and was fined £600 at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court. Steinmetz was reported to the FA and he tried to contest the football banning order, but he was overruled this week in court. His lawyer Jonathan Stirland said he was a professional, family man who had never been in trouble before and worked for the Health and Safety Executive. He described it as a ‘moment of sheer stupidity’, promising never to do it again.

Mr Stirland said: ‘He’s gutted, disappointed, angry and embarrassed with himself. ‘He’s not someone who is a risk of violence in the future. This is a one-off in relation to disorder.

‘He will be a church mouse when he goes to matches in the future. He will ensure he won’t drink at all and ignore any goading.’ District Judge Bernard Begley ordered that Steinmetz surrender his passport to police during certain international matches. The judge said: ‘The problem I have is that, with all that background with football, at an away ground, despite that unblemished background, you actually did something like this.

‘That’s what I’m struggling with. It may well be a one-off but nobody would have thought you would have done it in the first place. ‘It’s a fairly dramatic set of circumstances, for which you have been separately punished, and I don’t lose sight of that but, bearing in mind the nature of the offending and how dramatic it was, it’s my view that the order is appropriate.’


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