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Former Miss Malaika Beauty Queen takes trip to shea butter processing plant

Shea butter is a beauty ingredient used in many cosmetic products due to its countless beauty benefits.

Though shea butter does not receive as much praise as it deserves from it’s country of origin, the production of this kind of butter is the main livelihood for more than 900,000 rural women mostly in the northern region of Ghana.

It is one of the most sought after products for export yet the producers (usually rural folks) tend to benefit least from the final value of the commodity.

Former Miss Malaika Beauty Queen, Hamamat Montia took a trip to one of the local shea butter processing plants in the northern region of Ghana and you’ll be amazed just how the ‘beauty butter’ is extracted from shea nuts.

Watch video to find out how simple nuts from some wild tree ends up in a well packaged container to nourish your skin to glowing beauty.


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Happy Thursday#KingsandQueens : : ‼️Freshly handmade Shea Butter from Ghana 🇬🇭- West Africa shipped directly to you worldwide ‼️ : : The making of Shea Butter is a tradition that is passed down through the family, generation after generation. . We learn our family secrets of how to make #sheabutter as a child and we carry these secrets our entire lives. . Some of us like my family plant and harvest shea nut trees which are where our shea nuts come from. Once shea nuts are collected, the process begins. : My grandmother the #herbalist always says : “If you listen closely, #sheabutter has a sound” : . The first process in making PURE, RAW #SheaButter is washing the nuts. . It is washed and then dried. . After it’s dried, it is then pounded. . The crushed nuts are then roasted and afterwards, it is cooled, and then ground again. . Then it is turned into a fine paste and kneaded. . After the fat is collected, it’s taken to the compound to boiled and the oils come out. . After hours of cooling , it turns into Shea Butter. That’s the final product that is freshly delivered to you #KingsandQueens! . . . That is the authentic way we create our Golden Shea Butter for your skin and the women in my village are extremely pleased about how much you love their handmade products . Thank you so much for your outpour of support over the last year. Hamamat African Beauty is deeply touched by the love and increased purchases of our products. : : While we’ve met some shipping challenges in our efforts to be pioneers, we are extremely committed to overcoming any hurdles to provide you the best products, especially now, when we live in a world where it’s so hard to distinguish what’s pure and natural from what has been processed and manipulated. : : Should you have any questions about our updates, please do not hesitate to email us at ‪skincare@hamamat.com‬ or call / WhatsApp Customer Care on +233 50 722 5706 : : Thank you again for making us your Number 1 sheabutter from West Africa 🇬🇭. 📍Click Hamamat.com to watch full video #hamamat #worldwide #sheabutter #africa #ghana

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