Former Tain MP describes suspension by NDC as superfluous

Immediate past Tain MP has described his suspension by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as superfluous.

According to Kwasi Agyeman Gyan-Tutu, he is well aware of the consequences of opting out of a political party to be an independent candidate and needed nobody to inform him.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Nestor Kafui Adjomah, he also called the bluff of the authors of the letter that communicated his suspension, adding it is a waste of time since he had already taken the appropriate steps to excuse himself from the party.

He claims he has been the subject of intimidation by certain groups in the upper hierarchy of the party.

“The intimidation and the lies that are creeping into the party… Initially, I thought it was going to be a localised thing. But with the involvement of the General Secretary, I realised it was taking a national dimension.”

He, however, believes that “I have the backing of a lot more people” to succeed in his bid to return to parliament as an independent candidate.

The former MP made these comments at his hometown, Badu where his team was gearing up for the concluding lap of his campaign.


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