Freight Forwarders threaten to boot out ICUMS/GH Link personnel

The Indigenous Freight Forwarders Association of Ghana have expressed sadness turn of event at the Port which has seen government losing millions of dollars, whiles businesses of freight forwarders stand in jeopardy.

According to the association whose membership is over 1000, government must as a matter of urgency ensure they have their jobs or they will be compelled to take matters into their own hands by driving out personnel of ICUMS and GhLink from the Port in the coming days.

“We are by this statement, cautioning the faceless persons behind this whole deal to ensure they either give us back our system or incur our wrath.

“Like the saying goes ‘a Man who is already down, doesn’t fear to fall’,” it said in a press conference.

Furthermore, it said “The failure of ICUMS to operate for the past 4 days, has not only affected our operations, but also threatened our source of living.

“We had envisaged this situation, hence our persistent call in the past for government to either pilot the operations of ICUMS or scrap of the deal.”

Nonetheless, it emphasised that “The crisis has already been created by some greedy and selfish persons, whose conduct in this whole deal from the onset, was nothing but filling their pockets through dubious means.

“However, we have observed with deep concern some anormalies in this whole deal and situation we find ourselves in.”

It asked questions such as “What happened to the contract between the government of Ghana and UNIPASS the Korean Owned platform, why did the system hanged from UNIPASS to ICUMS, all of a sudden when what had been advertised by the government was the former.”

Other questions asked where “Why has it taken ICUMS and GH-LINK almost a week to restore the system, whiles that was not the case preached to us the stakeholders before this takeover, why has the leadership of the freight forwarders(The Ghana Institute of freight forwarders GIFF) suddenly gone mute on this matter and when is the system going to be restored and who is going to foot the loses we’ve incured since this whole drama started.”


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