Galamsey: Deafening silence of Health Ministry on baby born without eyes is disturbing

Veteran journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jr has expressed concern over the silence of the Ministry of Health on report on baby born without eyes, nose and mouth in Aowin, a mining community in the western region of Ghana.

Speaking to the issue on Good Morning Ghana on Wednesday, he faulted the health sector for their inaction since the news of this deformity broke.

“A mere release that the Ministry of Health has dispatched experts to investigate the matter would have been reassuring to the people of Ghana.

“This is a sensitive matter linked to the current fight against galamsey. A report by Reuters a year ago raised similar concerns revealing serious health implication of galamsey on citizens.

“The report is said to have indicated that the harsh chemical apart from causing deformities, has the propensity of causing skin conditions, respiratory issues, numbness in limbs, liver problems and so on. It is not only a problem arising from just galamsey but even large- scale mining as they discharge toxics through long pipes into water bodies,” Mr Pratt asserted.

He charged the Ministry of Health to pay serious attention to this report and act accordingly.

In his estimation, Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining (WACAM), an environmental and Human Rights NGO has been releasing similar reports raising alarm on the health issues in connection with mining.

“Other media houses have from time to time sounded an alarm over heath implications of mining. It is successive governments that have failed us by not taking any actions to salvage the situation,” The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper averred.

Mr Pratt however observed that media pluralism has given rise to sensationalism

“These days our front pages are covered with demented celebrities who only pride themselves in indecent exposures. That notwithstanding, the media has done fairly well be releasing series of reports over the years on mining and health issue.  The officialdom have failed to take any action and it is a very disturbing situation,” he submitted.

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