Garbage uncleared after June 18 Accra floods

Sanitation is perhaps the most problematic development confronting the city of Accra, and when it rains the situation becomes even more unbearable.

On June 18, 2018, devastating floods in Accra left in its wake massive garbage strewn in some areas of the capital.

While some had been carted away, the remaining is yet to be dealt with.

On a section of the Graphic Road, close to the overhead bridge near the railway quarters, heaps of rubbish have been left uncollected for more than nine days after the floods.

Residents and traders have been left to endure an offensive odour emanating from the waste heaped on the shoulders of the busy road.


A charcoal seller told the Daily Graphic yesterday that litter carried by the floodwaters had built up in the area.

She said the day after the downpour, some female staff of Zoomlion Ghana Limited went to the area to clear the road of the rubbish.

However, instead of carting the refuse away, they left the garbage by the roadside.

She appealed to the authorities to, remove the waste materials without further delay since their health was at risk.

The railway quarters itself, which has been turned into a mini-slum, has been battling with hygiene and environmental challenges.

Therefore, keeping the garbage uncollected will only go to compound the environmental challenges.

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