George Quaye ‘punches’ Tamale MCE over Fancy Gadam 

Radio cum TV personality, George Quaye, has registered his displeasure at the Tamale Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) over his comment that hiplife artiste, Fancy Gadam’s talent is a “danger” to the people of Tamale.

George Quaye’s remark comes after the MCE of Tamale reportedly banned musical concerts in Tamale due to the gory accident in connection with a show which was to be headlined by Nigeria’s Patoranking and Fancy Gadam.

The incident, which left at least eight people dead and many injured, irked the Tamale MCE who banned such events and described the northern region-based musician’s talent as a danger to people.

“I have spoken to him, I have spoken to his management but this young man would not listen. And I tell you his talent is a danger to the people of Tamale. Why would you want to mobilize innocent people to ‘gallivant’ on the streets just because you want to make profit?

Fancy Gadam, Patoranking Accident: Tamale Mayor Bans Musical Concerts

“You want to use the blood of the people to make money? We won’t tolerate that,” Iddrisu Musah Superior reportedly said.

However, George Quaye, who is obviously peeved with the M CE’s statement, has called for an apology for what he describes as an “unfortunate” speech.

“The talent is an inspiration to the youth of Tamale. Do you know how many people through Fancy Gadam know that there is hope and you can make it through music? Do you know how many youth in Tamale know now that they don’t need to leave Tamale and come down to Accra to sleep under bridges just because they look up to a talent like Fancy Gadam?” he queried, adding that “If I were Fancy Gadam, I’d take him on. How dare you open your mouth and say he’s using the blood of Tamale youth to make money? What nonsense! And this is a political leader? It’s appalling.”

“All these years, what has he done about it? Even a simple action to get people to wear helmet, he could not enforce… He should tell us w here he stood and spoke about this; he should show us which Facebook post he put up.

He should show us what he did, rather than trying to hang this boy just because the President is in your space and you’re afraid you might lose your job?

“You failed to even open your eyes and ask yourself where the trailer driver is; and why he was driving recklessly… Why would you put all the blame on Fancy Gadam who has done nothing than in the last few years, but put Tamale in a very good light,” he fumed.

“I think he took the wrong tangent on the matter. First of all, he needs to render an apology… For all you know, some of these trailer drivers need to be talked to. The things he said about Fancy Gadam that morning, is unfortunate,” he added.

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