GFA begs for public support after Anas’ exposé

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) says it would need the support and encouragement of the general public as it attempts to repair its battered image in the wake of the Anas Aremeyaw Anas exposé into the rot within the various levels of Ghana football.

The top brass of the GFA, led by Kwesi Nyantakyi, is under intense scrutiny after Anas’ exposé revealed the mind-blowing machinations that go on behind the scenes before league and international football games are played in Ghana and West Africa. In the exposé, which was premiered in Accra on Wednesday, June 6, more than a dozen football officials and administrators were compromised to throw games in a certain way before the kick of a ball, as well as influence player selection into the various national football teams.

The FA President was caught on camera discussing, among many damning things, how he intends to dubiously use a company he owns as the agency responsible for brokering a sponsoring deal – something clearly barred by CAF and FIFA’s code of ethics for its officials.

The exposé has left many dumbfounded, with growing calls that the government should dissolve the GFA and damn whatever consequence and punishment FIFA may impose on Ghana.

But in a strongly worded statement released on Thursday morning, the GFA said it has the capacity to reform and is determined to work hard to restore confidence and trust in the public so far as football is concerned. The release states emphatically that the GFA will not shield anyone found culpable in the exposé once they have been subjected to the rules and regulation of the football association.
“The Ghana Football Association’s attention has been drawn to the airing of a documentary by Tiger Eye alleging acts of corruption by some members of the federation.

“Even though we have not been provided with the opportunity of watching the documentary or any raw footage, in furtherance of our zero-tolerance policy on issues of this nature, these allegations will be treated very seriously.
“As such, we are urging Tiger Eye to provide us with all the recorded material on this documentary for it to be forwarded to the appropriate quarters for further investigations based on the Rules and Regulations of the GFA, FIFA and the Laws of Ghana.

“The GFA wishes to place on record that there will be no attempt of a cover-up or shield any of our members caught in alleged acts of corruption. “We urge the football fraternity to remain calm and provide us with all the support we need as we bid to restore confidence and trust in our beautiful game”, the release added.


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