GFA financial statement uncovers over GH¢ 22K was unaccounted for

A part of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), financial statement for June 2019, which was presented to Congress by the Normalisation Committee (NC) in December 2019, and reported missing by Joy Sports, has been found.

The June 2019 statement had no page 22, as noted by Joy sports upon careful study.

A new financial statement following Joy Sports publication on Monday, May 11, 2020, has emerged and sighted by the team.

The ‘crucial page’ which was not noted by Congress, has been added to the statement with its expenditure.

However, over GH¢ 22,000 of NC’s spending remains unaccounted for.

The page contained twenty different items ranging from insurance to consultancy, but the Normalisation Committee (NC), spent on sixteen of those items including their honorarium.

No money was spent on PLB Organisation, Ghanaman Soccer Centre Excellence (GSCE) Project, renovation and Black Stars Coach.

The total expenditure, however, is still short of the GHS 5,218,114.34 that was unaccounted for as reported by Joy Sports.

The figures provided per the document shows that the costs for the missing page which was identified to be page 22 and contained the payments of the NC members is GH¢ 5,195,276.80.

This means GH¢ 22,837.54 remains unaccounted for. It is public knowledge that the NC renovated parts of the Ghana FA Secretariat.

Joy Sports checks revealed McDan Construction and Painting Ltd was the company engaged to renovate the secretariat, but the expenditure for renovation is left blank.

The honorarium or payments of the NC members which was a subject of discussions in the media in 2019, is revealed to be GHS 1,161,024.78. Each member received more or less GHS 40,000.

The GFA is understood to have a huge wage bill to the extent that they often struggle to pay salaries.

The overheads for staff is a testimony as GHS 2,355, 698.44 is quoted as the figure for staff cost, the highest payments of the interim FA leadership following the ‘number 12’ expose.

The trips of the NC, during their tenure, though number of trips destinations are unknown, it amounted to GHS 485,808.35 whilst administrative cost stood at GHS 292, 646.31 by June 2019.

Whereas refresher courses and logistics cost the FA GHS 238,720.38, repairs and maintenance spending totaled GH¢211,117.78.

Page 22 of GFA financial statement for June 2019

For utilities and motor vehicle expenses, GH¢139,967.03 and GH¢85,375.20 were the payments respectively.

It would be recalled that, in February 2019, six different ad hoc committees were set to help suggest ideas for the normalisation of football. It is unclear if the consultancy fees of GH¢64,536.45 was used to engage their services, or same amount was used for work the work done by the vetting committee.

Other expenses include:

*Legal fees GH¢40,550.80

*Refreshment GH¢41,256.03

*Laundry expenses GH¢15,188.10

An amount of GH¢14,416.84 according to the NC was used for Medicals, while 19,427.35 was spent for printing and stationery.

Also, GH¢22,387.00 was spent on insurance.

The least spending by the team was on post and telecommunications where GH¢7,155.86 was total amount.

Total expenditure per page 22 is GH¢5,195,277.80. A combination of page 21 (GH¢5,195,277.80) and page 22 (GH¢5,223,346.44) expenditure amounts to GH¢10,418,624.24, which is GH¢22,837.54 less than the total GH¢10, 441,460.80.

This means, an essential expenditure remains unaccounted for.

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