Ghana Beyond Aid Charter: Kenya skyline cover embarrassing – Ras Mubarak

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has described as embarrassing the use of an image of Kenya skyline for the cover of the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter.

The document put together by a committee headed by the senior minister was launched by President Akufo-Addo on May Day depicts high rise buildings over a green landscape. One of the buildings in the image has however turned out to be the headquarters of Dawit Insurance in Nairobi.

Speaking to Starr News the Kumbungu MP argued the development does not speak well of the country.

“As if the issue of the President plagiarizing people’s speeches wasn’t bad enough they have once again photoshopped a skyline from Nairobi and that’s what you see when you open the Ghana Beyond Aid document. I was really shocked to see that, if we are trying to aspire to greatness as a country, there are equally exciting countries that we could aspire to become. To say that futuristically we are looking to become what Kenya is today is most embarrassing.”

According to the Kumbungu Mp, attempts by some government officials to downplay the issue is much regrettable. “I feel so embarrassed and government minions should spare us. You see a spirited defense of this very embarrassing spectacle. They are telling Ghanaians that we shouldn’t worry about the cover of the document; we should focus on the substance. But if you were to go inside the substance you will even realize that there a bundle of contradictions.”

Ras Mubarak added there are other more beautiful skylines in Ghana that could have been projected on the document which seeks to reduce the country’s dependence on aid. “Clearly what they done is an indication of lack of vision by this very super incompetent government and they should bow down their heads in shame. Our country, I’m confident to say that our country looks good. The skyline of Accra is great and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the skyline but you see because they are so petty.”

He alleged decision by government to abandon the country’s skylines for a foreign one for the charter is to avoid crediting the past NDC administration under whose tenure the national witnessed massive infrastructural developments.

“This government is so petty they know that a lot of the skyscrapers so called in Ghana, a lot of the high rise buildings sprang up during the tenure of the NDC and so they don’t want to give any credit to the NDC, they had to go to Kenya, to Nairobi to photoshop and to give an indication of the future Ghana aspires to become through the eyes of Nairobi. This is most ridiculous, simply embarrassing to say the least”

The Ghana Beyond Aid Charter and Strategy Document is 61 paged and 7 chapters spelling out role of government and citizens to wean the country off dependence of donors.

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