Ghana Education Service Approves Textbook Calling Ewes Juju-Loving

A bigot, by name Okyere Baafi Alexander, believed to be from the Ashanti Region, has authored An English language textbook which portrays people of Ewe extraction as Juju-loving.

What is worse, is that the Ghana Education Service (GES) headed by its Director-General, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, has sanctioned the anti-Ewe book for use in basic schools across the country.

The book is meant for students of basic four, teaches Oral Language, Reading, Writing and Grammar.

The book with the inscription “Golden English” is said to be “based on the new NaCCA (National Council for Curriculum & Assessment) syllabus”.

But the highly offensive and derogatory book, has irked the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Dayi Constituency, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, who took to Twitter to express his worry and frustration over a page in the textbook sanctioned by the GES.

According to him, the government has taken tribalism against Ewes to the point where it is now being taught in schools.

He made his concerns known to his followers, while adding the said page from the textbook.

In a Twitter post, he said “This is the level this Govt has taken tribalism and stereotyping of Ewes. Today, it is being taught in our basic schools that Ewes like juju and so a certain Efo is used as an example of a juju man in a GES sanctioned Textbook for our children. When you talk they say don’t talk.”

The words which the textbook read were: Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players. Below is the image of the said page from the textbook.

There are doubts whether Okyere Baafi Alexander’s book had gotten the approval of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

The Herald’s information is that, the book is in the market and some parents are buying due to the delay on the part of the government in the supply of textbooks for the Standard-Based Curriculum.


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  1. Prof Frank Forbes-Menson says:

    In this sensitive era of political correctness and careful self-awareness cum consciousness in the choice of words heralding the C21st principles of education, such a bigoted idea of enmity seed sowing among pupils of primary schools in Ghana should be UTTERLY condemned forthwith!
    I personally call on our civilised President Nana Akuffo Addo and his Education Authorities to condemn and withdraw this book from circulation with immediate effect.
    This, we believe strongly will cement his legacy in history of eschewing tribalism and discrimination against the ever knowingly PEACE LOVING CUM HOSPITABLE EWES OF GHANA!
    There is NO PLACE IN GHANAIAN POLITICS for such a bigotry to be accepted as the norm in our schools! This act should be negatively sanctioned as a showcase of counter-culture as against the symbolic demonstration of peacedom in Ghana! It is, above all, to say but the least, an act of unpalatable unparalleled warfare seed sowing in the minds of our younger generation with its unflinchingly bitter tentacles being extended to our future generations and posterity! THE GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE MUST,MUST AND MUST WITHDRAW THIS BOOK OF DARK AGES FROM THE SCHOOL SYSTEM WITH RAPID AND ALARMING ALACRITY!!
    Prof Frank FORBES-MENSON

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