Ghana: Security Analysts Caution Government over Imminent Terrorist Attack

Security Analysts in Ghana have called on Government to take immediate steps to curb imminent terrorist attacks on the country after a warning by West Africa Center for Counter Extremism (WACCE). These calls follow attacks on neighboring countries Benin and Togo on February 10, 2022, and May 11, 2022. Authorities and stakeholders in the security sector believe it is time for Ghana to map out a strategy to avert a possible attack.

Why Ghana Has Been Marked a Red Spot

A two-day meeting held on May 5, 2022, by Defense Chiefs from ECOWAS member states revealed an increasing trend in terrorism within the West African sub-region.

Addressing representatives of member states, Ghana’s Defense Minister, Nitiwul indicated that, in the space of 3 years, more than 5,300 terrorist attacks claimed nearly 16,000 lives in West Africa, according to an Aljazeera report.

Ghana’s Ministry of National Security has resultantly issued a statement to organizations to tighten security at their premises due to insecurity in the region.

However, Security Analysts; Professor Vladimir Antwi-Danso, Adib Saani, and Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim have observed that a notice to religious institutions and the public alone is not enough to curb the menace, Ghanaian Times reported.

On their part, strategies to avert terror attacks must begin with an aggressive education of the public about terrorism.

According to experts, the education should arm the public with information on how to:

  • Spot doubtful activities of terrorists, 
  • How to report suspicious activities to security authorities and,
  • How to react in terror attack situations.

Sustainable Ways to Fight Terror Attacks 

Prof. Antwi-Danso advised the government to address the high levels of unemployment, indiscipline, local ethnic conflicts, and politically influenced conflicts to prevent possible insurgencies.

In his estimation, unemployed youths become a target by militants who lure them into forming local networks used to perpetrate their heinous acts.


Adib Saani, and Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim, Security Analysts who also spoke with Ghanaian Times, urged the government to strengthen security protocols at the borders of the country, bus stations, and malls.

They encouraged institutions to acquire metal detectors, which will help them quickly detect weapons used by terrorists to foil an attack.


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