Ghana World Music Festival 2019: Ernie Smith thrills patrons with soothing jazz songs

Talk about Jazz music fused with contemporary urban style and South African musician Ernie Smith would be part of the top list.

The Grammy-award winner opened up the 2019 Ghana World Music Festival for music lovers who have a wide spectrum of taste when it comes to music endowed with natural African rhythms.

His collected jazz essentials lightened up the show with his ‘Love Don’t Hurt Me Again’ hit song.

Patrons from all walks of life were ecstatic in the auditorium and absolved Ernie Smith’s songs into their souls.

He climaxed his part of the show with his ‘Lonely’ track where he urged single fans in the auditorium to call on their lovers and not be selfish.

Your weekend couldn’t get any better if you aren’t on your way to the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair for a night filled with music and excitement.

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