Ghanaian judges under fire: I beg to differ!!!

I have tried to listen and read as much of the current ‘expose’ of corruption within the Judiciary Service of Ghana and the allegations of corruption against several judges. What is the over-riding motive of Anas and his collaborators? Who moved the idea to begin this in the first place? Is there a hidden agenda? Has Anas been used? Which Ghanaian can withstand the temptation to take a bribe within this extremely CORRUPT and economically BANKRUPT state we are working seriously to destroy?
Does Anas have the resources and the capacity to undertake such an extensive investigation? I suspect John Mahama, the NDC government and the BNI to be involved. This is a malice-motivated targeting of judges perceived to be anti-NDC. Of course in any such operation, some others who do not belong to the target-group will also be included- to mask the real intentions and to cover up the tracks. I call on serious researchers to research the backgrounds of the judges and the cases they have handled through the years- especially during the last twenty years.
Even the best among our race, made and continue to make several mistakes and indiscretions in their unresolved commitment to better the lot of their communities and humanity in general. It is therefore no news when some of such people are caught in the webs of both vile and virtuous scrutiny. Has John Mahama gotten caught up in any criminal activity before? What about Kufour, Rawlings, Kwame Nkrumah, Atta-Mills, the Pope of Rome, Obama, Asiedu Nketiah, Kwesi Pratt (is he being paid with tax-payer’s money in black polythene bags?), and indeed several others of us- Super-Sanctified Men?
And then we are being told that some of the judges refused the bribes. And we are being told that, they could not be corrupted. Thanks be to God for these ones. But please hold on. If this work is a conspiracy, could it be that these so-called ‘righteous’ judges, are pro-NDC ones, and that they were ‘sounded’ before being put on camera and recorded? Could the whole motive for this charade be the ‘pull-down’ of perceived anti-NDC judges and the ‘push-up’ of perceived pro-NDC judges?
Another question that is not being properly handled is this: If a judge takes a bribe, does it follow that he gives a wrong judgment? How can this be proven? What about if the bribe-giver was going to win the case anyway? It is a crime to take a bribe- yes, it is. Could the judges have had other motives for taking the alleged bribes?
Back to Anas again. Yes, he began well with his under-cover journalism. Does that mean that he is ‘unbribable’, or cannot be used by diabolical people for diabolical ends? He has admitted that, he normally receives ‘Macedonian’ calls, before he initiates his investigations. Let us say that, he was doing a serious collaborative job. Could he have been deceived by his partners? Could the loooong-crooked hands of John Mahama have fallen on Anas, to push him to attain ends, he Anas never dreamt of?
My bottom-line is that the judges doubtlessly have brought themselves into serious disrepute (and some of them have really soiled the good names they were carving for themselves). But please let us be circumspect in handling the conclusions. Otherwise we risk allowing John Mahama and his cohorts to color the Judiciary in NDC colors. John Mahama set up the whole Single-Judge Judgment Debt Commission in order to shift blame from the NDC government’s complicity with the payment of contrived Judgment Debts. At the end of it, the targets of the Commission were NPP Ministers- and especially Nana Akuffo Addo. Justice Apau, the sole Commissioner, was appointed to the Supreme Court after his ‘hatchet-man’ job was completed.
John Mahama is a man who will pull-down a thousand houses in a community, in order to destroy the home of one enemy who resides in this community. He is shrewd and very liberal with bribe-giving. He tries to cover his tracks very well. He deceives many with his God-given good looks. But like Absalom, David’s son, he will go to every extent to annihilate his opponents- even if they happen to include his own father.
Ghana may have had her fair share of simple-minded masses who can very easily be hood-winked to work eagerly to destroy themselves. But no, we have enough wise men to counter-balance these.
Questions: Where did Anas get his resources? How much money did this project cost him? How many ‘investigators’ did he ’employ’ for the two-year period? How were his ‘boys and girls’ trained? How did he ‘select’ the judges and the judicial staff involved in the targeting? In his recent exposes, he admits governmental involvement. At what point did the government get involved with this one? If Anas used state resources and personnel- especially BNI, Police and other security men, why should he be credited with the job done? To me, this is not an investigative piece; it is not journalism; it is not the exposure of corruption. It is the targeting of judges the NDC government is not comfortable with; it is an effort to wire judges and elements within the judiciary to the NDC; it is a move by the NDC to promote perceived NDC judges, higher up the Judiciary hierarchy; it is to punish the judges who stood in the way of the efforts made by the NDC to throw NPP leaders into jail, after they took over governance in 2009; it is the distortion of the good work began by a young journalist at great risk to his life.
I may be wrong in my analysis. But even if I am, I think I am using my brain well. We love our country. We do not want WICKED POLITICIANS to destroy it for us. God bless Ghana; God save Ghana!
Kuevi Kusugbor, Kuevikope,

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