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Ghanaians don’t utilise their talents – Ebo Whyte

Award-winning playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte has observed that part of the reasons a lot of people in Ghana and Africa in general may be struggling in life is because they do not make proper use of their God-given talents.

He said instead of harnessing their talents to better their lives, they rather pursue courses in school that they barely have interest in, and eventually end up not gaining anything from it.

In a recent interview with NEWS-ONE, Uncle Ebo stated that one of the keys to a better life is exploring one’s talent. Citing himself as an example, he revealed that he went to school train as a statistician and accountant, but he abandoned his certificates to become a playwright because he is blessed with the ability to write.

“I was challenged to work in the area of my gift than to the area of my training. I trained as a statistician and a little bit as an accountant. But what happened was that it was impressed upon me that one of the reasons why many of us are struggling in Ghana and Africa in general we’ve all left the natural talents we have,” he disclosed.

“We have gone to school to learn a few things and that is what we are working with ? the certificates we have. You can have someone working let’s say as a journalist who could have been an excellent designer but the designing thing he didn’t learn from anywhere. It is just a part of him, so he doesn’t respect that one as much as working at the bank or something,” he added.

Uncle Ebo started out in 1974 as an artistic director when his theatre group used to perform in schools and churches. But the biggest challenge of his career back then was in the latter part of the 90s when he decided to create commercial theatre. He had to abandon his certificates to challenge himself and looking back today, he mentioned that he has not regretted his decision.

“So, the challenge that was thrown to me is work in the area of my gift,” he indicated, and advised people who want to follow their talents to do so, but “develop them, polish them and if you like school yourself about it and use them.”

Currently described as one of the biggest playwrights Ghana has ever produced, he has written and directed a lot of plays, and his career spans over 40 years.

His latest play titled ‘I Want Your Wife’ will be staged on July 6 and 7 at the National Theatre in Accra. It is a drama that aims to educate couples on how to keep their partners, and he’s imploring everyone to watch it.

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