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Ghanaians must learn to defeat ‘Poverty Mindset’ – Kofi Akpaloo

The Founder and Leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akpaloo says Ghanaians have a poverty mindset which is making lives more difficult for the citizen.

According to him, Ghanaians must learn to defeat such mindset because “that way of thinking keeps people from being successful.”

“We always focus on the price that we completely miss out on the value. This mindset is wrong,” he added.

In an interview with, Mr Akpaloo noted that Ghana will “never develop” if its citizens are not ready to change their thinking.

“So because our ancestors were poor must we also remain poor?” he questioned

“We must stop agreeing with poverty mindset. When you’re in poverty mindset, fear is an indicator that you must do something. That needs to be your operating basis.

“Stop thinking poverty thoughts. Stop spending time with poverty people. You must cut those off. Begin doing wealthy things, thinking wealthy thoughts, and spending time with wealthy people. When you decide, you may need to decide again, and again, and again. This mindset is a hard mindset to break,”  Mr Akpaloo advised.



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