Gifty Anti’s little Christmas secret finally out!

Gifty Anti has surprisingly demonstrated her weakness and the source of this delicateness will amaze you. It is Christmas!

The seasoned broadcaster and host of the ‘Stand Point’ talk show revealed in her post how Christmas has a huge effect on her life.

Clearly excited by the yuletide season she said in a post on Instagram, “If you love Christmas more than me, you deserve to be arrested 😀. The child in me never grows old, when it comes to Christmas.”  

Oheneyere Gifty Anti in a new development charged individuals to guard against anything that sought to steal their joy during this highly anticipated season.

“Don’t let someone’s enjoyment, destroy your own enjoyment!!! I beg you, be responsible for your own enjoyment. Stay away from anything and anyone who brings you unhappiness!! God has kept you ‘thus far’ for a purpose!!!”, she added in another post.

If you’re fortunate to be counted among the living despite  a turbulent year, spread the joy to other people and enjoy Christmas to the max.

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