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Give attention to education in Northern Regions – Children Believe call on gov’t

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Children Believe Ghana has called on government to ensure educational facilities in the northern parts of Ghana are conducive and secure to enhance teaching and learning.

Speaking at the Christian Children Fund of Canada Media Day the Sponsorship Coordinator of the Organsation, Samuel Abdul Rahman noted that most schools in the area have been taken over by weed smokers making it difficult for children to study.

He, therefore, called for the provision of security for schools in the area to protect the children since students cannot move freely and study when their classrooms are not safe.

Mr. Rahman said the laws that have been set up to protect children and empower children in cases of abuse do not work. 

The Sponsorship Coordinator further highlighted that these gaps which have been identified by the educational sector must be been enforced.

He called on government to strengthen and resource institutions and agencies that are responsible to enforce these laws.

“There are instances when reports are made to these agencies the pressure is on the one who has made the report to provide transportation for the investigative bodies to conduct investigation and when the person is unable the case die off,” he said.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=Vlcx8lOUBT&p=https%3A//

Mr. Rahman said there can only be justice when investigations are conducted to logical conclusion.

He also called on the traditional authorities, youth groups, women groups and other bodies in the communities to stand up and protect child abuse.

The Country Manager of the Child Believe, Esenam Kavi Desouza said in order to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment Child Believe have provided school infrastructure, educational materials, training of teachers and building of institutional capacity, and provision of technical support in early literacy learning.

She said with these interventions over 16,141 children have had direct access to education adding that they have also supported 13 districts in three regions and reached out to 60,000 people through health facilities by providing personal protective equipment to complement government efforts in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

CB is a child-centered organization working in the five northern regions for the past 24 years and has made great strides in raising the voices of children and creating opportunity for them to realize their full potentials.

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