Give your Valentine the Gift of CBD this 2020

As the New Year strikes, it is time for you to put on your thinking hats and begin your hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Your Valentine will appreciate every thought you put into finding unique presents, and hence it is time to strike up some ideas that might make you the best Valentine of the year. Of course, there are simple ideas like a lovely box of chocolates, beauty bags, cosmetics, and more. But why not give your Valentine a little more than just a gift this year? Why not give them some healthy products that could introduce them to a new lifestyle?


CBD is a revolutionary trend catching up rapidly across the world. The compound has made its way into multiple sectors, including healthcare, beauty, cosmetics. More users are looking for ways to check out these innovative products that promise to show cannabis in a completely different light. Well, this year, you could explore some of the most interesting CBD products that will take your partners on a path to good health and wellness. And if you feel like CBD oils do not make a good enough present, then here are some of the leading CBD products and brands that are delivering promising products. These products will make the perfect choice of gift for your loved ones on this special day.

Body Balm: Beboe Therapies CBD Body Balm

One of the most amazing properties of CBD is how it can enable relaxation in individuals. The use of CBD body balm can help get rid of body pain and discomfort efficiently. This product contains a mixture of Shea Butter, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Squalene, along with 750 mg concentration of CBD that would make an amazing gift to your Valentine to enjoy a lovely, relaxing day. The enchanting flavors of the body balm along with the mixture of extraordinary ingredients help elevate the effects of relaxation on your body and relieve muscle tension completely.


Skin Serum – Super Flower Everyday Serum

CBD is a powerful ingredient for your skin. It restores a natural glow and ensures proper moisturization and hydration. It also can act as a natural toner and can eliminate skin problems. Super Flower bottles these benefits in their new facial serum that combines amazing ingredients to create a miraculous product for skin. The serum has a creamy texture and instantly gives a bouncy and dewy look. Combine the serum with a few other products from the brand to wrap a glorious gift basket that will give your loved one gorgeous skin to flaunt this summer. You can explore some high-quality products from CBD Oil Canada for gifting ideas. 

Cocktail Set: Monk CBD

These CBD products come with an infusion of a profile of herbs, terpenes, and organic ingredients that can make an incredible choice of products for cocktail sets. The product contains CBD infusion in a blend of fresh-pressed juices that can give you a boost of energy. It uses high quality, California -grown hemp, that when mixed with your favorite booze can jazz up your evening with enriching flavors. Mix them and add them to your green smoothies to add a fresh twist to your morning drinks. Monk offers several flavors that you can gift to your Valentine to cherish flavorful cocktails and smoothies.

Olive Oil: Vireo Cannabis infused Olive oil

Vireo comes with a wonderful product that makes an elegant gift for your health-conscious Valentine. It is a creative way of introducing CBD to your body and can have extraordinary benefits to your body and mind. The product is CBD infused olive oil with a blend of flavors of garlic and Meyer lemon that creates a delicious mix that you can use in your cooking every day. One tablespoon of the oil contains about 5 mg of CBD, and this product makes a wonderful salad dressing. The flavors are subtle and easy to consume, and you can gift your Valentine a healthy cooking alternative for everyday use.

Beauty and wellness starter kit: The CBD starter kit range by Credo

If you would like your partner to enjoy the benefits of CBD, then this starter kit can be a fun and efficient way of doing it. This CBD beauty bundle, wrapped with love, promises to give an enriching and soothing beauty experience, making it a perfect gift for your Valentine. The goodies bag contains a Saint Jane Lip Gloss, Shea butter infused body balm, Restorative potion, and Verty bath salts. These products will stand well to make your bath and beauty time refreshing and healthy with CBD infusion. It is a light and fun way to get to know the compound better.


Bath Bombs: Life Elements Bath bombs with Ylang Ylang infusion

There is nothing as amazing as gifting your loved ones a lovely bath experience to cherish. Imagine a warm and relaxing evening soaking in the lovely aroma of essential oils and brisk texture of bath salts. Life Elements combines the power of some incredible ingredients, along with an infusion of CBD, in their new range of bath bombs that come with varying doses of CBD to suit individual requirements. Ranging from 50mg to 200 mg, the product range brings together the benefits of essential oils such as eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, and ingredients such as oatmeal and honey to give a unique bath time experience. These are also cruelty-free animal products enriched with vibrant aroma and the goodness of CBD oil, making it a thoughtful gift for your loved one.

Coffee – Flower Power Coffee

 To the coffee lovers out there, you can light up their Valentine’s day spirit with this fresh brew coffee powder. Update their coffee collection with one of the best flavors of Early Morning Beignet, infused with the goodness of CBD. It is a light roast variety that blends the flavors of vanilla and cream and embodies it in the rich aroma of Beignet to give a refined taste to the fresh cup each morning. It contains about 30 mg of soluble water hemp extract that gives about 5mg per 6oz cup, making it an enchanting way to introduce this compound.


Chocolate – Nutty Steph’s Chocolate Bernie Bars

There is no Valentine’s gift as classy and as simple yet elegant as chocolates. Shower your Valentine with some amazing chocolate ranges by Nutty Steph. After years of treating chocolate lovers with exquisite varieties and doses of Vermont and Montpelier, the new range brings home the delicious blend of chocolate with CBD and THC. It is a soulful CBD revolution with the flavors of the carefully prepared chocolate bursting in your mouth. And of course, they make extraordinary pairing with any white wine you would choose for your Valentine’s day dinner. You can shop an entire case and get it shipped anywhere in the US. And the tribute bar with Bernie on the wrapper is yet another reason to take it home this Valentine’s day.

Edible Body Paint – HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint

The product aims to kick your celebration up a notch with some intimate body paint that will make an exciting plan for your Valentines’ day. It is a saucy, creamy, smearable, CBD infused chocolate body paint that is nothing less than an aphrodisiac. The charming packaging in a heart-shaped bottle only means love is in the air. If you would like to plan a simple yet intimate celebration with your Valentine, there is nothing sexier than enjoying the rich flavors of chocolate off of them.


Massage oil – CBD Medic Massage Therapy Deep absorbing oil

Appreciate your hard-working partners with a thoughtful gift of a relaxing massage oil this Valentine’s day. CBD has powerful relaxing effects on the body, and it will make sure to relieve stress and fight off muscle tension. CBD Medic`s product takes just two minutes to kick in, and it begins to scrub off all the tiredness and stress build in the body and gives an amazingly relaxing and calming experience. With over 15- plus years of formulation, the product has impeccable aroma and texture that makes it pleasing and comforting.Alternatively, one can also gift a CBD based oil balm like Sabaidee CBD oil balm which can reduce inflammation and pain instantly. 

Let this Valentine’s Day be a special beginning to a CBD way of life. These are some exquisite CBD products that make amazing and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

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