Gloria Sarfo opens up about ‘sex for roles’ in movie industry

Actress Gloria Sarfo has revealed her journey into the film industry was not an easy walk in the park.

According to her, she auditioned for numerous films and shows and was not selected to play a role in any for a long time.

Speaking on Restoration, Gloria Sarfo disclosed that some producers wanted to have sexual relations with her before offering her a role.

She told the host Stacy Amoateng that “some of us there were some people who beat their chest and they told us in the face that ‘if you don’t succumb to what we are saying you are not going to be seen on TV’.”

To further influence her and others who were auditioning, Gloria Sarfo noted that these producers would show them pictures of actresses they claimed had gotten their spot on a show because they had given in to the offer of sex.

She revealed that despite going for many auditions at the time, she was passed on for the role explaining, “it was almost like there were some people who were special for them.”

“I had it really tough. I had it really, really tough,” she told Stacy Amoateng.

To survive at the time, she was still struggling to book a role; Gloria Sarfo noted that she did some product samplings for companies before she landed her role on Efiewura.

The actress said she had hoped through Efiewura she’d begin to get some recognition and book more roles.

However, filmmakers used her presence on Efiewura to not hire her for English speaking roles and films with the claims that “you are local.”

“Even when I am selected for a movie, and I am playing a vital role, they say because of my audience; they would not put me on posters because of the people I attract.

“Someone told me that if I don’t stop Efiewura and do the English movies, they can’t use you for better roles,” Gloria Sarfo added.

The actress revealed that she has had young actresses come to her and others complaining about some stakeholders wanting to have sex before they are given roles.

“I tell them that it did not start today,” she added.


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