Go and pray – Police to mother of missing boy

Gifty Atwei Laryea, a trader of Shear Butter and powder has lamented how the police has refused to assist her family find her missing 21-year-old man who disappeared on February 18, 2019 and has since not returned.

According to the mother, a neighbour, who lives close to Tiny Flower school in Osu, Paa Lontor Kotey on that day sent her son to buy cassava GHC1 and never returned home after being sent by the man.

Gifty Atwei Laryea who noticed the long absence of the boy said she confronted the neighbour and he told her the boy brought the money without the cassava.

Upon hearing that, she said she reported the case to the Osu Police Station and initially, the police launched an arrest of the suspect who had then escaped from the neighbourhood for some time.

She narrated that the police urged the family to call on them when they suspect, Paa Lontor Kotey is back and later when he came the police took him to their office for his statement.

After taking his statement, Gifty Atwei Laryea said the police let the neighbour go, saying that he was innocent of the whereabouts of the boy.

“When I reported to the police that I suspect the neigbour knows the whereabouts of my child, they said I should pray and that they will pray with me,” she said.

Meanwhile, she said the family had contacted all friends of the boy and family members, yet there was no trace of the boy.

“I suspect the man knows the whereabouts of my son. He should just tell me where he is,” she said.

Describing her missing child, Gifty Atwei Laryea said David Paa Tee Lomotey, slim, dark and tall, who lived near power house in Osu completed the Kinbu Senior High School in 2018.

According to the mother, he was in an ash T. Shirt, jeans trouser and black slippers when he left to buy the cassava.

Because of lack of money, she said the family is unable to go to places to find her child.

She then called on the police to re-arrest the neighbour and question him about the whereabouts of the boy.

Meanwhile, will follow up at the CID department on the issue and update the public later.

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