Go Find A New Career! David Oscar Advises Actresses; As ‘Big Bootie’ Slay Queens Hijack Movie Industry

David Oscar has advised professional actresses who are not endowed to consider other career choices as some “exploitative directors” have allowed slay queens to take over Ghana’s movie industry.

He made this remark while speaking on a wide range of issues in the creative art sector on “Ghana Yenso Mu” show.

“It is only in Ghana that directors engage half-dressed slay queens on social media in movies while professional actors and actresses are left without roles. Elsewhere, one has to go to performing arts school to hone their talents before given the opportunity to appear on the big screen. But in Ghana, all one has to do is to flaunt heavy curves on social media and it automatically qualify them for a role in a movie.

“With this kind of attitude, how can Ghana movie industry progress? This will not happen anywhere. When you go to neighboring Nigeria for instance, there is no way an upcoming actress and veteran actress Patience Ozokwor will act in the same movie and the slay queen will take higher pay than the veteran. That is the structure they have put in place to keep the experienced actors flourishing, but not here in Ghana. As for us, if you want a role, all you need to do is to be heavily endowed in the front and back and be exploitable; and you’ll land a role in a movie,” the sensational reggae artiste lamented.

David Oscar also denounced the botched mindset of some producers that acting cannot be a full-time job.  

“If acting cannot be a full-time job, how come actors on the other side of the globe are able to go on 6-months’ vacation or more with proceeds from their creative work. It is about time Ghanaians and particularly producers changed their mind-set about the creative act sector and put the right structures in place; otherwise, the rhetoric about a stunted industry will not change,” the passionate creative artiste David Oscar observed.

Watch full interview video below.

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