Good News For Teachers as Ministry of Finance Releases Funds for the Payment of Allowance

Good news for teachers as the Ministry of Finance releases fund for the Payment of 2021 professional development allowance for professional and non professional teachers, the professional development allowance for the year 2021 will be reflected on the electronic payment voucher for validation for the month of November 2021.

The payment of professional development allowance to teachers has come to stay, Teacher Unions had a better deal in 2019 for a successful negotiation with the government to pay allowance for teachers to enable them upgrade themselves professionally and academically.

The government agreed with the teacher unions and proposed one hundred Ghana cedis per month as allowance for professional teachers and eighty Ghana cedis for non professional teachers, the allowance was agreed to be paid annually that is one thousand two hundred Ghana cedis per annum for professional teachers and nine hundred and sixty Ghana cedis for non professional teachers.

The first ever payment of the professional development allowance was done in November 2020. Many Ghanaians reacted to the payment of the allowance in election year, majority of Ghanaians believed the payment of the allowance was to influence the vote of teachers. Ministry of Education led by Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh debunked the allegations.

Teachers are expected to develop themselves professionally by attending in-service training, and short courses organized by accredited institutions. The National Teaching Council (NTC) which is responsible for licensing teachers in the country developed a Continuous Teacher Professional Development Plan which specified a list of courses teachers should take in order to be able to renew their license. A teacher is expected to take twenty one courses on the teacher continuous professional development plan, these courses are organized by NTC in collaboration with educational institutions, the courses includes, Instructional Techniques in teaching, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leadership skills, action research and reflective practice, national policy on education, citizenship education, sociology of education and etc.

A teacher is expected to pay twenty-five to one hundred Ghana cedis per course as a participation fee to attend a training workshop on these 21 courses.

Teachers in the Senior High Schools will be deducted five hundred and fifty Ghana cedis (GHS550) from the professional development allowance as a thirty percent cost for the Teacher’s laptop project, Management of Ghana Education Service has sent an excel template to the heads of second cycle schools to delete the names of teachers who are not interested in the Teacher’s Mate1 laptop to avoid them been deducted for the thirty percent cost. Teachers who will delete their names from the teacher’s laptop project will receive the full amount of the professional development allowance.

One teacher one laptop project is an opportunity for teachers to own a laptop, government is paying one thousand two hundred cedis each for teachers indirectly by subsidizing seventy percent of the cost of the Teacher’s Mate1 laptop. If a teacher opt out of the teacher’s Mate1 laptop, that teacher will loose the seventy percent which is one thousand two hundred cedis. Teacher’s Mate1 laptop is a customized made laptop for Ghanaian teachers fully loaded with educational content.

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