Goodwill Message to Wa Central Constituency on the Celebration of Eidul-Adha 2021

The important Islamic Ritual of Eidul-Adha is upon us once again and we must rejoice and reflect on our deeds and thank Allah Almighty for the gift of life as we have lived through another year.

Eidul-Adha enjoins muslims to imbibe the virtues of sacrifice and sharing. As muslims, the feast seeks to build in humanity a sense of oneness, togetherness, brotherliness and neighbourliness which promote unity not only among muslims but humanity as a whole.

As we celebrate this feast, I humbly cease the opportunity to wish all muslims in the Wa Central Constituency in particular and across the globe in general a joyous but sober celebration in the wake of the unfortunate global pandemic of Covid-19.

As constituents, we all have the responsibility to use this occasion to do a self-introspection and reflection on the fortunes of our dear constituency and how we could make it better for the realisation of our individual and collective aspirations.

In celebrating the feast, we must all be mindful of the threat posed by the Covid-19 pandemic by paying heed to the safety protocols of mask-wearing, handwashing and social distancing to protect ourselves, our families, the muslim Ummah and our dear nation Ghana.

I wish you all Eidul Mubarak and May Allah Almight accept our prayers and supplications.
Alhaji Hudu Mogtari

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